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New Stairlifts

At Pennsylvania Stair Lifts Inc., we keep the most extensive range of new and used stair lift systems and accessories in stock, which allows next-day service/installation at no additional cost. We even offer custom-made stair lifts for applications that range from stair cases with multiple flights to spiral staircases. All of these stair lift systems are manufactured in the U.S. and are ISO 9001 certified, which is the most stringent, widely recognized quality standard in the world. We even offer rental stair lift systems, which a lot of our customers find to be a very convenient service that doesn’t require a large investment or commitment.


« Indoor Curved Stairlift

These stairlifts are custom-built to precisely fit your home and deliver a premium smooth, stable ride around every corner. Add options such as power swivel seat, wider chair or custom fabrics to tailor-make the stairlift to your needs.